History of Gaming Controllers

Here are pictures of gaming controllers from ancient times to future..


These 2500BC year old dice were one of the first gaming controllers. The reason why is because if you play a dice game you need dice to play the game.

ancient dice in a ancient box

This link will take you to the original website on Dr. Donna Yates twitter account the picture is of dice that are on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Massachusetts.



Cards are another type of controller, because you cant play a card game with out cards.

4 queens and 2 jacks


Now controllers there really isn't alot to say about controllers, because you basiclly can play on your X-BOX, PS4, or Wii with a controller.

controllers from past to present

This link will bring you to the original wesite on these drawings of game controllers on the website freepik.com.

Designed by Freepik


Last but not least, future controllers. Now we dont know much about controllers in the future, but this is probably what they will look or be like.

gaming gloves

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